Barber Shop in the Basement


“In Washington, D.C., a town where image can be everything, Joe Quattrone has been helping the very powerful look their very best for nearly 40 years. His client list is a “Who’s Who” of prominent policy-makers that includes presidents George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford, Vice President Al Gore, Senator Ted Kennedy”Image

Today I really got my schedule down pat, if I leave exactly at 8:25 I literally make all the crosswalks get on the subway right as it rolls in and I am at the office 10 minutes before the work day starts. I arrived in the office early, which I think is especially important, and got my daily tasks done by 9:45. No news clippings today. We have had a lot of people call into the office today opposing amnesty 2013 one guy said “there should be no path to citizenship. There should be walls on both Mexico and Canada” because when he lived in Canada “every night a truck load of asians would run across the border into the United States.” Fortunately for this guy the Congressman has been pretty strong on the issue of no amnesty for illegals. We also had a woman call in from a magazine out of Tampa Bay who was writing for a South Americna based magazine.

For about an hour I was calling various news organizations to get contact info for various reporters on fda panel hydrocodone painkillers issue that the congressman drafted a letter about. Today I delivered a co-signed letter from my congressman and a Congressman out of New Hampshire for the head of the FDA calling for stricter regulations on a variety of drugs. Our communications director looked at this as an opportunity to get some good press for the Congressman and had me looking up articles and journalist who may want a quote or want to write about the Congressman’s stance on things. News reporters emails are not given out online so this involved me calling corporate offices to get contact information from reporters from the New York Times, National Journal, LA Times, The Hill, even CNN’s Chief Medical Producer. Making CNN was probably my favorite call as I was calling a 404 number, my home area code. After lunch at the little deli located in Rayburn I was introduced to a Barber shop in the basement of our building. From the hundred of photos of Congressman, even Obama and Bill Clinton in this Barber Shop I figured this may be my new place. I had been getting my haircut at the Watergate Hotel by campus, yes the site of the Watergate Scandal where Richard Nixon did frequently get his haircut but this place was almost $10 cheaper with a much more impressive clientel. I also found out there is a salon on the senate side of the capitol complex. I got an awesome haircut, made a few more capitol reservations and clocked out for the day. I have included some photos of the Barber shop as well as link to an interview with one of the lead barbers.


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